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Narrow Springer Front End in Raw Metal

Narrow Springer Front End in Raw Metal


Dragon Soul springer forks are known as the best springers on the market for the highest level of quality, strength and reliability. You can order the narrow springer front end in any length up to 46 “(23″ over). The standard forks made to fit HD headstock and 3/4” wheel axle. Please contact us for other specifications.

The lead time is around 2-4 weeks. 

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Unique Features:

  • Exclusive design with eye catching details to make unique look
  • The wheel axle is made of engineering steel
  • Legs made of 4mm thickness CDS seamless steel
  • All the main forks parts are made of steel grade Fe45
  • High quality CNC machined parts
  • Special attention was drawn to design of the rockers. Each rocker has five bronze oilite bearing bushes that have a good balance between strength, wear resistance, conformability and durability and five intermediate bronze washers pressed into engineering plastic Nylon 66 Rod that gives extra dust protection and increase rockers life span. Each bolt also made of high strength steel and fixed with castle nut giving stable nut position

Fitment Notes:

  • Dragon Soul Springers are custom fabricated to fit any (or most ) bike
  • Please confirm the headstock and wheel axle sizes before ordering
  • The top tree accepts 1/2″UNC risers thread and the riser spacing is 5″ center to center keep that in mind when purchasing handlebars or ask for adapter plate if using original 3.5″ risers.

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